Науковий вісник НЛТУУ
Scientific journal of Ukrainian National Forestry University

Digest compiles scientific researches of Ukrainian universities’ employees, researchers from abroad and other experts of forest and wood processing sector. Gathered scientific papers are dedicated to different aspects of learning questions, researches, advanced forestry experience and implementation of gained results in practice.

Journal will be useful for researchers, postgraduate students, employees of forestry sector, university teachers and students.

Наукові праці Лісівничої академії наук України
Researches of Forestry Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

This journal collects scientific papers, which elucidate recent achievements and current problems of forestry and forest industry. Besides that, advanced researches of forest resources reconstitution and improvement, forest protection, hunting management are given. Journal also analyzes ecological environmental problems and new technologies.

Digest is recommended for researchers, unviversity employees and experts in forest sector.

Лісове господарство, лісова, паперова і деревообробна промисловість
Forestry, forest, paper and woodworking industry

Journal collects materials of scientific researches and projects aimed to improve techologies and techniques of forestry, forest, paper and woodworking industry and economics.

Digest is recommended for university employees and students.

Publisher: Ukrainian National Forestry University

Лісовий журнал
Forest journal

Journal elucidates scientific and industrial information about recent approaches in such topics as forestry, forest land improvement, radiology, GIS, forest economics, wood processing technologies, etc.

Journal is recommended for university employees and students, experts in forestry sector and general public.