Educational and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening (Forestry Faculty in past) is organizational and educational and research subdivision of Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU) without rule of juridical person and including departments and laboratories. The Institute is working according to effective Ukrainian legislations, Statute of University and Regulation about educational subdivisions, internal regulations, decrees and orders of Rector, votes of University and Institute academic councils.

Subject of activity:

  • educational activity, which include educational, pedagogical, scientific, cultural and methodological spheres.

Directions of activity:

  • training of specialists according to licensed specialties of high education levels of bachelors and masters, scientific levels in cooperation with others subdivisions of University;
  • conducting the scientific researches;
  • scientific, methodological, organizational, pedagogical, cultural, informational and publication activities;
  • career-guidance activities;
  • cooperation with foreign partners and international organizations within international activity of University.


  • а) educational activities:
    • providing conditions for mastering of system skills;
    • learning students the skills for knowledges, training them for professional activities in different branches of economy;
    • training of independent business activity according to professional skills;
    • professional orientation of students on labour market, inform them about situation on labour market;
    • learning demands for specialists in different specialities and supporting students for job placement.
  • б) pedagogical activities:
    • securing cultural and spiritual development of person, education of students in the spirit of Ukrainian patriotism and consideration to Ukrainian Constitution;
    • forming of social mature and art person;
    • fundamental connection of education with world and national history, culture and traditions;
    • forming of civil activism, patriotism, self-respect, availability to service, responsibility for own destiny, social destiny, state and humanity;
    • education of moral, mental and physical healthy citizens;
    • holding of universally adopted ethic conditions, creation of atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect in relations between workers, teachers and students.
  • в) scientific and methodological activities:
    • spending scientific researches;
    • determination of methods, forms and means of education and pedagogic process;
    • organization of preparing study guides;
    • organization and spending of institute, interdepartmental scientific and methodologic conferences.

Educational activity

Faculty of Forestry (now Educational and Scientific Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening) was founding in structure of Lviv Forestry and Wood Technology Institute in 1949 and extending old traditions of forestry education in Western Ukraine, training specialists for all region of Ukraine. The Institute training specialists for forestry, park gardening, hunting and landscape architecture in different levels:

bachelors for specialties:

  • 205 Forestry (including hunting);
  • 206 Park Gardening;
  • 191 Architecture and City Planning (Landscape Architecture).

masters for specialties:

  • 205 Forestry (including hunting);
  • 206 Park Gardening;
  • 191 Architecture and City Planning (Landscape Architecture).

The educational process in Institute are spending resident instruction (full-time studies) and extra-mural education. The necessary material base are permitting to conduct training the specialists on high professional level. In educational process are widely using technical means. On the departments of Institute are working eight scientific-research laboratories. The educational practices for students are conducting in Stradch Education and Productive State Forestry Enterprise, Natural Reserve “Roztochchia”, Botanical Garden of University, Forestry and Ecological permanent bases (Morshyn, Skhidnytsia, Shatsk), on the advanced state enterprises of Ukraine. The Departments have subsidiaries on Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Mountain Forests, Institute of Ecology of Carpathian, enterprises of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Departments of Forestry and Hunting.

The educational process and scientific work in university are conducting experienced pedagogues, scientists, in particular: 17 Professors, Doctors of Science, 44 Associate Professors, PhD. 

Prof. Stepan Myklush leads a working group of subcommittee 205 Forestry of scientific and methodological committee of agrarian sciences and veterinary of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Doctor of Science Yaroslav Henyk was a deputy of Head of subcommittee 206 Park Gardening. These subcommittees  established the standards of high education  of specialities Forestry and Park Gardening for bachelor, master and PhD levels. In November 2019 Ya.Henyk was elected as participant of expert council of National Agency of Securing Quality in High Education of  Agrarian Sciences and Provisions sector of sciences.The results of scientific developments of employers of institute are widely introduce in practice of Forestry. These works are referring for increasing of productivity and biological stability of forest stands, improving counting of forest resources and reasonable their usage, ecological monitoring, saving of gene pool of wood and shrubby funds, forming of complex green zones of cities and objects of landscape architecture and city planning. The teachers of departments were prepared and published study guides for most of subjects, in particular geodesy, dendrology, zoology, biometry, forest inventory, GIS in Forestry, remote sensing in forestry, non-timber woods products, tapping, genetics, forest regeneration, agriculture, ecology, planting of greenery etc.