October 24, 1874 in Lviv was spent solemnity on the occasion of celebrated event – begin of activity of the first in Western Ukraine the Forestry Educational Institution. Henrikh Stsheletskyi, forester with abundant experience, was leading the Regional Forestry School. This year in School for the first year of studying were enrolled 21 students, for the second year – 6 students. Founded in 1949 in the structure of Lviv Forestry and Wood Technology Institute Forestry Faculty is extending old traditions of forestry education in Western Ukraine, training specialists for all region of Ukraine.

The considerable contribution for development of forestry education and training of high quality specialists for Forestry were done deans of Faculty: Associate Professor Yurii Tretiak (1944-1946, Lviv Polytechnic Institute); Prof. Mykola Horshenin (1946–1949, Lviv Polytechnic Institute – Lviv Agricultural Institute); Prof. Mykola Davydov (1949–1953); As. Prof. Mykola Kaluzhnyi (1954–1955); As. Prof. Oleksandr Synkevych (1956); As. Prof. Teofil Brodovych (1956-1964); As. Prof. Yurii Osypenko (1964-1973); Prof. Mykola Osmola (1973-1985); Prof. Hryhorii Baranetskyi (1985-1991); Prof. Hryhorii Krynytskyi (1991-1994); As. Prof. Ivan Vintoniv (1994-2002). Prof. Stepan Myklush has led the faculty since 2003 and starting from the 1st of March 2014 he is the Director of Institute.

According to the Order of UNFU №247, 27.12.2013 «About creation in structure of university the Educational and Research Institutes», from March 1, 2014 as reorganization on the base of Forest Faculty was create Educational and Research Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening.