Scientific degree:
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Academic rank:
Associate Professor
Professor of Department of Botany, Wood Science and Non-Wood Forest Products
+380 68 7297137 &+380 66 96226444


Short biography

Since 2017 – Professor at the Department of Botany, Wood Science and Non-Wood Forest Products of UNFU.
2014 – Doctor of Agricultural Science (Habilitation), UNFU.
Thesis: “Intraspecific differentiation of sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L.), European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and Common ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) by decorative wood”.
2001 – Candidate of Agricultural Science, UNFU. Thesis: “The Influence of biotopes of the southwestern megaslope of Ukrainian Carpathian on beech wood properties (Fagus sylvatica L.)”.
1999 – Diploma of Economic Engineer, UNFU.
Thesis: “Economic effectiveness of non-wood forest products in State Enterprise “Osmoloda””.
1996 – Diploma of Forestry Engineer, UNFU.
Thesis: “Wood quality of European beech growing in biotopes of Ukrainian Pre-Carpathians”.
1989 – Forestry Technician, College in Storozhynetsk.

Scientific interests

‒ Research on anatomical, physical and mechanical properties of wood;
‒ study of the influence of silvicultural and ecological factors on wood quality;
‒ diagnose and cultivation of forest trees with desired wood properties;
‒ diagnose of resonance and decorative wood;
‒ dendrochronological research;
‒ wood grading and wood qualimetry.


‒ Wood Science.
‒ Wood Science and Forest Products.
‒ Forest Certification.
‒ Wood Qualimetry.