Hryhorii Krynytskyi, Head of Department, Prof.
  • Adress: Lviv, Pryrodna str. 19, educational building N6, 79057
  • Tel.: (032) 258-42-05; (032) 237-95-27

The structure of the department includes four sections: forestry, physiology of woody plants, forest protection and hunting. The Department has postgraduate, doctoral, sector of scientific degrees, research laboratories of physiology and biochemistry of tree plants, molecular genetic markers, forestry and forestry farming.
The department consists of 21 pedagogical staff, including 6 professors, doctors habil., 8 associate professors, candidates of sciences, 3 senior lecturers, 4 assistants, 5 persons of teaching and support personnel and 4 employees of the research sector. The Department of Silviculture of the Ukrainian National Forestry University is the basic graduating department on the specialties “Forestry” and “Hunting economy”, prepares specialists of educational qualification levels: bachelor, master and PhD student.