The main scientific achievements of the department are:

  • development of classification of forest types in the Carpathians, forestry and economic grouping of forest types and a complex of forest management activities in order to preserve and reproduce indigenous types of woodlands (1954-1999, sciences supervised by Prof. Z. Yu.Gerushinsky);
  • development of the basics of integrated forest management, theoretical principles of integrated forestry zoning, scientific basis for the formation of the ecological system of protected areas (1970-1998, sciences supervisor, professor S.A. Gensiruk);
  • development of theoretical and methodological foundations of the new morphophysiological direction in forest selection, elaboration of electrophysiological methods for studying the vitality of woody plants, detection of physiological and biochemical criteria for identification of genotypes in tree stands (1970-2018, professor H.T.Krynytskyy);
  • development of the scientific basis for forestry optimization in the western region of Ukraine (1990-2003, sciences supervisor, professor L.I. Kopiy);
  • studying the status and functioning of the zoonose components of forest ecosystems, protection, reproduction and rational use of hunting fauna, elaboration of the principles of management of hunting population populations in protected areas (1985-2017, professor V.D. Bondarenko, assistant professor I. V. Delegan);
  • studying the distribution of mushroom diseases and infectious diseases in the Roztochya plantations (1970-2008, assistant professors V.O. Kramarets, Ya.I.Harambura);
  • study of the influence of increased concentrations of carbon dioxide on the growth of seedlings and saplings of Conifer species (1985-1990, acted by associate professor V.V. Pavlyuk).
    The staff of the department for the first time in the conditions of Lviv Roztochchya carried out comprehensive studies of the growth of geographic cultures of Scots pine (1975-2002, sciences supervised by Prof. Z. Yu.Gerushinsky, H.T.Krynytskyy).

Currently, the scientists of the department work in the priority direction of development of science and technology of Ukraine “Environmental protection and sustainable use of forest ressources” on the following topics:

  • forestry physiological and genetic selection grounds for the cultivation of high-yielding, biologically stable plantings;
  • genetic potential of populations of the main forest species of Ukraine, its conservation and rational use;
  • postgraduate laws of the growth and development of woody plants and the development of a safe forest management system in the Chornobyl NPP exclusion zone;
  • rational use and reproduction of hunting fauna resources;
  • close to nature silviculture in forests of protected areas in order to preserve and improve their ecosystem services;
  • Forest policy for sustainable, multifunctional forestry.

The solution of these tasks involves carrying out extensive integrated scientific research: forest measurement, physiological and biochemical, genetic selection, soil-hydrological, phytopathological, and faunal.

The department maintains close cooperation with educational and scientific institutions of Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and other countries.