Ilkiv Ivan
Head of Forest Inventory and Forest Management Department
Lviv, Pryrodna str., educational building N6, 79057
(032) 237-27-21, (032) 239-27-46

The department of forest inventory and forest management has been operating since 1945. Firstly, it had been called “Geodesy”, secondly, since 1949 – “Forestry, inventory and timber science”, and later – “Forest measurements”. In 1988 it was merged with the department of forestry and got the name “Department of forestry, forest management and geodesy”. Since 1994, after the isolation of the direction of forestry, it has received a current name.

The department has significant achievements in research work. Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, Professor Y.O. Saban initiated the scientific field of forestry measurements and the organization of forestry systems. He developed rules of clear cuttings for the Carpathians, regulatory materials on the structure, growth yield, and productive structure of stands on a typological basis, he also studied the ecology of mountain ecosystems.

Professors M.P. Horoshko and S.I. Myklush have followed accomplishments of professor Y. Saban and consequently more than 700 papers had been published on the problems of forestry organization and management. Based upon the results of the research, seventeen Ph.D. and two doctoral dissertations were defended, three monographs and four textbooks had been published. The obtained data have been included in two digests of regulatory reference materials.