Department of Forest Inventory and Forest Management is operated from 1945. Previously as Department of Geodesy, later (until 1949) as Department of Silviculture, Forest Inventory and Wood Science, after a while – Forest Inventory. In 1988 were accomplished merging with Department of Sylviculture and it became as Department of Silviculture, Forest Inventory, Forest Management and Geodesy. Until 1994 after disunion of Department of Sylviculture – as Department of Forest Inventory and Forest Management. There were leaded of senior lecture Yo. Korobkin (1945-1949), Assoc.Prof. F.Volkov (1949-1950), Prof. M.Davidov (1950-1953), Prof. P.Voropanov (1954-1955), Assoc.Prof. Ye.Polianskyi (1955-1957), Assoc.Prof. Yo.Korobkin (1957-1969), Assoc.Prof. G.Hodot (1969-1977), Assoc.Prof. V.Kovalishin (1977-1987). From 1988 to 2020 the department led Professor M.Horoshko. From 2020 up to now the head of the department is Associate Professor Ivan Ilkiv.

The famous contribution in developing of theory and practice of forest inventory and forest management for the last seventy years was done by Prof. M.Davidov, Assoc.Prof. G.Hodot (stands growth), Prof. P.Voropanov, Assoc.Prof. V.Kichura (forest measurement structure, current increasing, total forest productivity), Prof. Ya.Saban (the systems of forest management), Prof. P.Pavliv (problems of high accuracy measures), Prof. M.Zelenskyi (theoretical bases of forest inventory and forest management in recreational forests), senior lecture V.Bedik (volume structure of stands), Assoc.Prof. Yo.Korobkin (geodetic measures for land and forest management), Assoc.Prof. V.Kovalishin (investigation of artificial pine stands in Western Lisosteppe), Assoc.Prof. O.Dmytrach (organization and performing of forest management in pine stands of Western Polissia).

In the department were formed as scientists Doctors of Science M.Davidov, Ya.Saban, P.Pavliv, Ye.Tsuryk, Yu.Kahaniak, S.Myklush, H.Hrynyk, PhD Yo.Korobkin, V.Kovalishin, O.Tshuk, T.Rado, M.Horoshko, O.Feliv, M.Zelenskyi, M.Hrom, O.Dmytrach, V.Maiboroda, V.Prystupa, V.Punko, R.Vozniak, I.Solovii, V.Stefanyshyn, Yu.Chernevyi, V.Kichura, O.Chornyi, Z.Bodlak, O.Lazor, O.Lazor, P.Khomiuk, I.Ryzhak, N.Stepaniuk, V.Lavnyy, O.Chaskovskyy, M.Korol, V.Kuryliak, R.Vytseha, S.Havryliuk, Yu.Myklush, N.Rehush. In the department were performed PhD Thesises of citizen of Pakistan Anvar Khurshyd and citizen of Syriia Marvan Alkhusruie.