Today in the department are accomplishing scientific and pedagogic activities:

  • morphological features and productivity of beech forests (Assos. Professor Ivan Ilkiv);
  • aspects of multifunctional forest exploitation (Professor Stepan Myklush);
  • dynamics of forest stands in zone of intensive forest management (Assos. Professor Petro Khomiuk);
  • forming of spruce stands (Assos.Professor Mykola Korol);
  • dynamics of mountain fir stands (Assistant Vasyl Havryliuk);
  • spatial and parametric structures of mixed forests (Professor Yulian Kahaniak);
  • remote estimation of forests and GIS (Assos.Professor Oleh Chaskovskyi);
  • structural capability of beech forests in Prykarpattia (Assos.Professor Viktor Kuryliak).

The departmental staffs have been prepared and published 18 study guides from the main courses. In particular professors M.Horoshko, S.Myklush and Assos. Professor P.Khomiuk published “Biometry”, Prof. M.Hrom – “Hunting Management”, “Forest Inventory”, Prof. Ye. Tsuryk – “Forest Inventory and “Forest Management”, Prof. S.Myklush and Assos. Prof. S.Havryliuk and O.Chaskovskyi – “Remote Sensing in Forestry”.

The department has important achievements in research activity. The Honoured Scientist of Ukraine Yaroslav Saban founded new scientific approach in inventory of forest and organization of systems of forestry. He developed the rules of final cuttings in Carpathians, normative materials of measurement, growth and commodity structures based on typological fundaments, investigated ecology of mountain ecosystems.

The development of standards and systems of forestry based on materials of permanent and temporary sample plots in Carpathian, Roztochchia, Polissya and Lisostep are continuing Prof. M.Horoshko and S.Myklush.

There were published more than 700 scientific works about problems of organization and performing of forestry. Based on these results were defended 17 PhD theses and 2 doctoral theses, were published 3 monographies, 4 study guides, the data were included to 2 normative and inquiry standards.

Under the leading of Prof. M.Horoshko develops new scientific approach of morphological and cruising analize of forests and their biometric estimation. In this approach are working Doctor of Science Yu.Kahaniak and PhD P.Khomiuk, H.Hrynyk, O.Chaskovskyi, researchers Ye.Brodovich, V.Kostyshyn, V.Savchyn, N.Chaskovska. The research works are accomplishing on the temporary and permanents sample plots. Based on methodology under M.Horoshko were measured permanent sample plots in the beech, fir, spruce stands in Carpathian and in the models stands of main forest types in western Ukraine. Based on these investigations were defended 1 Doctoral thesis and 9 PhD theses and published more than 300 articles.

In the department are functioning three scientific and research laboratories: problems of inventory and organization of forestry (under lead of Prof. S.Myklush), estimation of forest resources (under lead of Prof. M.Horoshko). There is the subsidiary of department on the base of Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Mountain Forestry under lead of A.Havrusevich.

The specific conditions of courses and scientific investigations were demanded of appropriate modernized base. There were accomplished three graduations of specialization “Forest management and Forest Inventory”. There are support personals on the department in staff of Ya.Prokopovich, I.Savich, S.Portakh.

Scientific and pedagogical personals at regular intervals are qualifying in different institutions in Austria, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Czech Republic, Sweden ets.