Today on the department are accomplishing scientific and educational activities:

Assoc.Prof. Ivan Ilkiv (morphological features and productivity of beech forests);

Prof. Stepan Myklush (the aspects of multifunctional usage of forest resources);

Prof. Yulian Kahaniak (spatial and parameter structures of mixed forests);

Prof. Heorhii Hrynyk (spatial structure of stands);

Assoc.Prof. Oleh Chaskovskyy (remote forest estimation);

Assoc. Prof. Serhii Havryliuk (interpretation of forest cover areas using remote sensing data);

Assoc.Prof. Petro Khomiuk (dynamics in stands in zone of intensive management);

Assoc.Prof. Ruslan Vytseha (monitoring investigation of forest biocenoses);

Assoc.Prof. Mykola Korol (forming of spruce stands in mountains);

Assoc.Prof. Viktor Kuryliak (structural capability of beech forests in Prykarpattia);

Assoc.Prof. Yurii Myklush (estimation of recreational and sanitary forests and organization their forest management);

Assistant Bohdan Nahorniak (monitoring investigation of fir stands in Transcarpathian);

Assistant Stepan Portakh.