For the agency and assert a right of students and postgraduate students in Ukrainian National Forestry University is working Initial Organization of Local Trade Union of Student and Postgraduate Students (IOLTUSPS).

What is provide IOLTUSPS?

  1. Organization on all levels is represent and protect your rights and interests for scholarship destination, is taking active part in organization of educational and scientific processes, in determining of amount for dwelling in student’s hostel, in organization of public catering in university cafes.
  2. Deduction students, eviction from student’s hostel, transfer for state form of studying.
  3. Securing of student’s rest on winter and summer holidays on privileged conditions.
  4. Execution of welfare for students.
  5. Securing in organization of cultural and sports events in University and out.
  6. Execution of International Student Identity Cards (ISIC), which give possibility to join to programs of helping and cooperation between international students and receive different helps in Ukraine and abroad.
  7. Receiving the judicial assistance about rights and freedoms for students.

The main aims of IOLTUSPS activity are:

  • protection of rights for students and postgraduate students ;
  • discovering of leader and organizational capacity of students and attract them to active work in Local Trade Union;
  • development and consolidation of students movement;
  • combination of efforts and coordination of activity the members of Organization.

Contingent of Institute Local Trade Union:

Based on results of meeting to hear conference of Institute’s students (proceeding N1 from November, 14, 2018) were elected contingent of the Institute Local Trade Union:

  1. Khita Iryna;
  2. Pastukh Roman;
  3. Syrytsia Vladyslav;
  4. Chernova Anastasiia;
  5. Krichfalushii Mykhailo;
  6. Zenynets Anton;
  7. Yaremii Taras.

The Head of Institute’s Local Trade Union was electing the Zenynets Anton.

To the staff of University’s IOLTUSPS were delegating Zenynets Anton, Khita Iryna, Pastukh Roman and Krichfalushii Mykhailo.

Congradulate the members of Institute’s Local Trade Union and wish them creative work!

The main archievements of Institute’s Local Trade Union

Before the election conference of Institute’s Local Trade Union the delegates were listening the report of previous Head Satanovska Nadiia for 2016-2018. For this period could be distinguishing these advantages:

  1. Improvement of housing conditions of students in hostels, in particular repair of showers, public welfare near hostel N2, replacement of new windows, repair in front room etc.
  2. Organization and conduction of festivals of student arts “Spring of Lisotekhnik” and “Autumn of Lisotekhnik”.
  3. Submitting of two commands from Institute to Local League of KVN (“Club of the smart and the merry”), which were winning second and third place.
  4. Regular spending of beneficial actions: “Heart to Heart”, “Festival of Dreams”, “Eco-Festival”, “Present for children of St. Nicolas”, eco pasture land and cleaning of parks.
  5. Regular enlightenment actions of students as visiting different kinds of cultural establishments of Lviv.
  6. Helping for soldiers.

The delegates were mentioned high advantages of previous memberships of Institute’s Local Trade Union under leading of Shelehon Roman, thanks him and proposed to continuing relations with new members for passing on one’s experience to them.

The tasks of Local Trade Union:

  • admitting of new members;
  • giving of welfare;
  • extension of passes for summer rests and to sanatorium;
  • giving presents for New Year for student families with kids;
  • attracting active students (leaders) to active work in University’s Local Trade Union;
  • encouragement and awarding a bonus of students for the active works;
  • improvement of living conditions in hostels;
  • realization of cooperation between administration of University and Institutes in matters of settling of students, their dwelling and life;
  • organization and spending of sport games between Institutes and Universities from football, basketball, tennis and others, cultural actions (different parties, concerts, exhibitions);
  • helping in organization of cultural actions “Spring of Lisotekhnik” and “Autumn of Lisotekhnik”;
  • advising and informing the students about their rights and responsibilities;
  • helping in registration of International Student Cards (ISIC).

If you want to live and study in worthy conditions, to know your rights and be able to assert one’s rights, to receive first-rate organization capacities and to receive maximum from student’s life – please apply to Initial Organization of Local Trade Union of Student and Postgraduate Students of Ukrainian National Forestry University: Ukraine, Lviv, Hen. Chuprynky str, 105, educational building 1, room 214. Tel. (032) 237-87-68, which leading Kysil Bohdan.