March 28, 2018, scientists of UNFU have organized a joint lesson.
Prof. Sixten Bessemer and students from University of Greifswald have visited the laboratory of Wood Science. At the initiative of Prof. I. Sopushynskyy and Assoc. Prof. V. Zayachuk were organized a joint lesson in English and German languages for students of UNFU and University of Greifswald on the topic “Geographical and ecological peculiarities of the distribution and growth of wood species in Ukraine”.

The discussion of forest management issues in Ukraine and the impact of global climate change on the growth and development of wood species in Ukraine and Germany have made it possible to set the direction for the further scientific and educational cooperation. The lively discussion between students of Greifswald University (Germany) and Ukrainian National Forestry University demonstrated the importance of such a study visit and cultural exchange.

Prepared by Prof. I. Sopushynskyy and Assoc. Prof. V. Zayachuk