Ukrainian National Forestry University, in particular Institute of Forestry and Park Gardening, has advanced social sphere, which helping for good education of students and their quality of rests. The students of Institute has guarantee places in student hostels, has possibility to rest on camps in Shatsk, Skhidnytsia, Morshyn, fitness center “Lisotekhnik” in Mykolaiv region on the abstrand of Black Sea, in university works a sanatorium-preventorium. The territory of students’ hostels, educational buildings and library are placing very compactness, near are stadium and sport rooms of university.

The students actively are setting in motion to social works in human societies of university and Lviv. The require in cultural leisure is satisfied by organization of thematic discos, Evening of first-years students, “Spring of Lisotekhnik” and parties to prominent dates etc. The students of Institute are participants of choir “Dibrova”, which has state status. Many students actively are going in for sport; our students are Champions of the World, prize winners of Olympic Games, repeated winners of international and state competitions.

The employers of Institute are paying considerable needs for forming in students high immateriality, patriotism, respect to environment and nature. Most of Institute teachers are members of society named H.Vashchenko. The scientists of Institute actively takes a part in scientific and methodological conferences, where talking about national and patriotic education of student’s young generation.

The students of university are taking active part in public life not only Institute and University, but in student society of Lviv and Ukraine. In Institute are working productive student local trade, are forming student self-government of Institute and University, in particular were formed Student Council in Institute.