Head of Department of Silviculture
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1993: Forest Ingenieur, UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine
2000: Ph.D., UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine
2015: D.Sc., UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine

Work experience

07.2000 – present: Professor Assistant, Associated Professor, Professor and Head of the Department of Silviculture, UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine
05.1999 – 06.2000: Senior Researcher of Research Center of the UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine
1996 – 04.1999: Post-graduate student, UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine
1993 –1995: Researcher of the Botanical Garden at the UNFU, Lviv, Ukraine
Research interests
My research interests lie primarily in the area of forest ecology, silviculture and forest policy, in particular:
• Natural regeneration of main tree species in Ukraine;
• Forest disturbance regime in the Ukrainian Carpathians;
• Natural regeneration at windthrow areas in the Ukrainian Carpathians;
• Application of close to nature silviculture in Ukraine;
• Forest policy in Ukraine and in Europe.
Main activities
• Teaching and publication activities
• Member of the University Senate
• Member of the Methodical Board of the UNFU
• Member of the editorial board of the collection of scientific works of the UNFU
• Member of the editorial board of the scientific collection “Nature of the Carpathians”, published by the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and the Institute of the Ecology of the Carpathians of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
• Member of the specialized academic council in charge of defence and award of Ph.D. and doctoral theses
• Member of the Forest Sciences Academy of Ukraine.
Professor Lavnyy V.V. published more than 110 scientific and educational works. Among them:
1. Lavnyy V.V., 2012: Pryrodne ponovlennja derevnykh porid na pivdenno-sakhidnomu mehaskhyli Ukrajinskykh Karpat Natural regeneration of tree species on the south-west megaslope of the Ukrainian Carpathians. – In: Scientific papers of Forest Sciences Academy of Ukraine, 2012. – Issue 10. – P. 66-72 (in Ukr.).
2. Lavnyy V.V., Sayats M.V., 2013: Osoblyvosti pryrodnoho ponovlennja derevnykh porid u bukovykh pralisakh Velykoberesnjanshchyny [Peculiarities of natural regeneration of tree species in virgin beech forests of Velykobereznyanshchyny]. – In: Scientific papers of the Forest Science Academy of Ukraine, 2013. – Vol. 11. – P. 105-111 (in Ukr.).
3. Brändli, U.-B., Commarmot, B., Hamor, F. Lavnyy V.V., 2013: Inventory of the Largest Primeval Beech Forest in Europe. A Swiss-Ukrainian Scientific Adventure. – Birmensdorf, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL; Ukrainian National Forestry University; Rakhiv, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. – 69 pp.
4. Tunytsya Y.Y., Boguslaiev V.O., Lavnyy V.V. et al., 2014: Lisotekhnichnyy terminologichnyy slownyk: ukrajinskyy, rossijskyy, anglijskyy [Forestry terminological dictionary: Ukrainian, Russian, English]. – Lviv: “Piramida Press”, 2014. – 967 pp. (in Ukr.).
5. Krynytskyy H.T., Cherniavskyy M.V., Lavnyy V.V. et al., 2014: Nablyzhene do pryrody i bahatofunktionalne lisivnytstvo v Karpatskomu regioni Ukrajinu i v Slovachchyni [Close to nature and multifunctional Silviculture in the Carpathians region of Ukraine and Slovakia]. – Uzhgorod : Kolo Press, 2014. – 280 pp. (in Ukr.).
6. Lavnyy V., Spiecker H., 2016: Eichenwälder in der Ukraine und in Deutschland / AFZ-DerWald 2/2016. – S. 41-45.
7. Lavnyy V., Spathelf P., 2016: Praktyka nablyzhenoho do pryrody lisivnytstva v sosnovykh lisakh pivnichno-skhidnoji Nimechchyny [Сlose to nature silviculture practices in pine forests in Northeast Germany]. – In: Scientific papers of the Forest Science Academy of Ukraine, 2016. – Issue 14. – P. 52-57. (in Ukr.).
8. Lavnyy V.V. Strong winds and windthrows in the forests of the Ukrainian Carpathians / V.V. Lavnyy // In: Scientific Bulletin of Ukrainian National Forestry University. Lviv: UNFU Press., 2017. – Vol. 27.8 . – p. 76-81.


• The joint project of the Swiss Federal Research Institute of Forest and Landscape Research WSL, the Ukrainian National Forestry University and the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve ” Inventory of the Primeval Beech Forest Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh” (2009-2013);
• Co-organizer of the International conference “Primeval Beech Forests: Reference Systems for the Management and Conservation of Biodiversity, Forest Resources and Ecosystem Services” at the UNFU 02-09.06.2013 (150 Participants from 24 countries);
• The Volkswagen Stiftung Project “Strengthening the Adaptive Potential of the Forests of Western Ukraine, Northwest Russia and Southwest Germany to Changing Environmental Conditions and Societal Needs – Strategies and Measures for Increasing and Sustaining the Provision of Forest Ecosystem Goods and Services (SURGE)” (2016-2018);
• The Project of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation of Switzerland “Cooperation in Forest Research Ukraine-Switzerland” (2017-2020).