The educational process at the department is fully equipped with textbooks, lecture notes, methodological developments, which are sponsored by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department.

In the educational process, widely used technical means of training, computer technology, modeling elements, video clips, the credit-module system for assessing students’ knowledge is used. Practical and laboratory classes are conducted in specially equipped laboratories of silviculture, plant physiology, forest protection, forest pyrology, forestry farming. The museum of forest fauna and taxidermy workshop, in which students master the art of making stuffed animals and birds, functions at the hunting section. Laboratories are equipped with modern equipment, training simulators, educational-methodical stands.

Students’ training courses, assigned to the department, take place at the bases of practice at the Stradch University Training and Production Forest Enterprise, the Natural Reserve “Roztochchia”, at forest ecological bases in the village Skhidnytsya (Carpathians), Morshyn (Precarpathians) and Shatsk (Polissya). All types of practice are provided with the necessary methodological materials.

Students are actively involved in research. They acquire additional knowledge, ability to perform analysis, solve specific problems in scientific circles, annual scientific expeditions, during the execution of the chair of budgetary and economical issues, when writing student research papers and presentations at scientific conferences.